Project Description

We are a very multicultural center here at CERE and we get a lot of PhD’s and postdoc’s from non-western countries (especially from China, Russia, India and Pakistan) so we thought we would benefit from learning about the differences between academic culture and service culture in the different countries as well as getting suggestions on how to get better at cooperate and communicate across cultures.
We invited Signe Ørom from ConnectingCultures to do a workshop on cooperation in a multicultural environment and it was a great success. It was super professionally organized with a good combination of interesting knowledge (based on research, which I appreaciate) and relevant exercises, and Signe managed to engage everybody. It is obvious how Signe has an academic background herself and is used to teach based on research, and at the same time she knows how to put together an interactive program that engages everybody.
We at CERE can highly recommend ConnectingCultures and Signe Ørom as provider of culture training at DTU.