Søren Plagborg

For our annual Leadership forum, we chose this year to invite Signe for a workshop focusing on Virtual Leadership in a Global Organization. We are a global support organization, which strive to generate engineering value across countries and regions. In this context our cultural jump-off-point was fairly good. But I must admit, that during the day, we received a lot of inspiration and food for thought from ConnectingCultures. We have received many positive feedbacks in the evaluation. ConnectingCultures hosted a good workshop, leaving a footprint as a professional and experienced subject matter expert.
In our industry it is key that our customers trust us. Not just to be technical correct in our solutions, but also making sure we adapt to the local markets and customs when we engage in the complex engineering discussions. ConnectingCultures moved us in the right direction, and we had a lot of fun during the day as well!