ConnectingCultures does workshops and talks to help you optimize the cross cultural collaboration
and strengthen diversity & inclusion, in your organization

Thank you very much Signe! You are doing indeed a great job. Your training on Danish and Swedish business culture has really contributed in order for me to live and work in a very new environment.

Optimise cross-cultural collaboration

• Is your global team less effective because of distance?

• Do you work in a multicultural team either virtually or in the same country, and wish to optimise the communication within the team?

• Do you wish to build stronger relations with business partners or clients from another national or cultural background?

Cultural training with the emphasis on training

ConnectingCultures’ training is based on two solid foundations; one being research based knowledge, and the other being evidence from the real world. We always base our training on the latest research, and provide evidence-based knowledge. With this in mind, it is also important that the training we deliver is based on real life problems, and that it is concrete and recognisable. By putting the emphasis on training,we guarantee that the concrete, evidence-based knowledge we impart is converted in to competencies. Our training focuses intensively on training intercultural competencies though exercises and case studies, so participants can translate their knowledge to actions and navigate their international collaborations with cultural intelligence. Research has shown that we remember only 20% of what we hear,and yet we remember 90% of what we do.After cultural training with ConnectingCultures, you will be equipped with the knowledge to act in a culturally intelligent way, as opposed to relying on intuition.

Increased productivity and a better work environment with cultural training

Studies have shown that cultural training can improve an employee’s productivity by up to 30%, which increases the results, and this is clear to see on the bottom line. Other than this effect on the economic bottom line, cultural training can also show results on the social bottom line. Cultural training creates more effective and well-functioning teams, stronger relations, clearer communication and a better work environment. Even though Danish companies are becoming more and more global, research shows that only 5% of the Danish population have high cultural competencies, and that up to 58% of employees in companies that operate internationally experience that cultural differences are one of the biggest barriers to successful collaborations across borders. Training cultural competencies, such as the ability to adapt your communication accordingly when dealing with colleagues, clients and partners from other countries, is extremely important to build a successful global company. ConnectingCultures gives your employees the competencies to optimize cross-cultural collaborations.

Cultural Training

with ConnectingCultures

ConnectingCultures offers cultural training for companies and organisations that wish to develop competent global employees and leaders. That is to say employees and leaders who understand how culture can influence the way they work and communicate, and who have the competencies to act in a culturally intelligent way when they are in an international setting.

ConnectingCultures first of all offers culture training to businesses but by virtue of our anchoring in the academic world we also offer workshops for educational institutions among these: The Multicultural Classroom, Cultural Understanding in Education and Living and Working/Studying in Denmark. All workshops are offered to schools of all educational levels from primary schools to universities. Check out our current programme at Learning Lab DTU here

For more information please check out: The Multicultural Classroom, Cultural Understanding in Education and Living and Working/Studying in Denmark.