Country specific cultural training Landespecifik kulturtræning

Country specific cultural training

Organisations that improve their intercultural collaboration skills can increase their productivity by up to 30%

We have business culture specialists for more than 40 countries –including China, Brazil, Germany, USA and many more – who are ready to help you to optimize your global and intercultural collaborations. 

Research shows that knowledge of the differences and similarities in work norms and business cultures can bring about better work relations, more productive employees, and hence positively affect the bottom line.

The first step in ConnectingCultures’ training towards a good intercultural collaboration is real insight and understanding, and not just a list of Dos and Don’ts, which is why we delve in to the cultural characteristics of the country and region that you work with.

The second step is about active and targeted training of your cultural competencies, so that you are prepared to operate in your international and intercultural work and in the specific cultural contexts.

We offer many different types of country specific cultural training: virtual cultural training, cultural training workshops, one-on-one cultural training sessions, business advisories, courses and keynotes. Click here to read more about the formats we offer. 

We provide country specific cultural training for the following countries: 

  • Cultural training Argentina
  • Cultural training Australia
  • Cultural training Balkans
  • Cultural training Baltics
  • Cultural training Brazil
  • Cultural training Canada
  • Cultural training Chile
  • Cultural training Colombia
  • Cultural training Denmark
  • Cultural training Finland
  • Cultural training France
  • Cultural training India
  • Cultural training Indonesia
  • Cultural training Iran
  • Cultural training Israel
  • Cultural training Japan
  • Cultural training Kenya
  • Cultural training East Africa
  • Cultural training China
  • Cultural training Malaysia
  • Cultural training Mexico
  • Cultural training Myanmar
  • Cultural training Nigeria
  • Cultural training Norway
  • Cultural training Poland
  • Cultural training Qatar
  • Cultural training Russia
  • Cultural training Saudi-Arabia
  • Cultural training Switzerland
  • Cultural training Great Britain
  • Cultural training Sweden
  • Cultural training South Africa
  • Cultural training South Korea
  • Cultural training Thailand
  • Cultural training Czech Republic
  • Cultural training Tunisia
  • Cultural training Turkey
  • Cultural training Germany
  • Cultural training Hungary
  • Cultural training United Arab Emirates
  • Cultural training USA
”Signe trained me for a full day in South American business culture. She is very knowledgeable and customer oriented – she easily found out what to focus on to fit my specific needs. Signe is a warm and outgoing person and very pleasant to work with. I enjoyed the training tremendously and can highly recommend her!”.
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Natalie Ammerlaan
Regional manager, Legal & Quality, Novo Nordisk
”I can highly recommend a cross-cultural program with Signe. Her background with the combination of research and practical knowledge of the Brazilian culture / market has given us some concrete tools that we use daily.”
referencer connecting cultures
Edvard Jensen
Global Manger CO Operations, Underwriters Laboratories
”The company I work for has many times asked Signe to hold one to two days courses in cultural training for employees who have transfered to the Denmark based office from overseas. In 2013 I was one of those employees, and I had the pleasure to be guided through Danish culture by Signe. Signe in a clear and concise way and with a personal touch made the day both interesting and rewarding where upon conclusion I walked away with a greater understanding of the environment in which I would be working going forward. I can highly recommend working with Signe in this regard.”.
referencer connecting cultures
Sophie de Goede
Commercial Specialist, Hess Denmark