Strengthen your global collaborations with cultural training

In a world where the majority of large companies work across national borders and our cultures become more and more intertwined, developing cultural awareness and cultural understanding is essential.

Cultural training provides the fundamentals necessary to succeed in international collaborations – regardless of whether you wish to strengthen your understanding of a particular country or region’s business culture, develop you general cultural intelligence (CQ), intercultural competencies and global mindset, or optimise communication in a virtual global team.

Below, you can read about our courses. As a part of our consultancy services, we always include a pre-meeting in which we in identify your organization’s specific needs. That way, our consultants can tailor the workshops, presentations and training programs optimally.

Cultural training can:

  • Create stronger and more effective teams
  • Ensure targeted and culturally inclusive leadership
  • Optimise global collaborations with colleagues and business partners
  • Minimize misunderstandings and increase innovation and productivity
  • Create more supportive and clear communication
  • Create a better work environment and increased job satisfaction
  • Increase well-being and improve mental health
  • Give tools to design better virtual meetings
  • Benefit from the cultural differences and reach the cultural diversity bonus

Cultural Intelligens

Diversity and Inclusion

Cultural Training can create better results on the bottom line

At ConnectingCultures we include and motivate our participants through interactive training. We develop competencies so you leave our training with not just the necessary knowledge, but also the competencies to optimise your transnational collaborations, whilst always keeping in touch with your reality and the challenges and experiences you have.

Why choose cultural training with ConnectingCultures?

ConnectingCultures’s cultural training is interactive and founded in current and relevant research. We work together with the research community to create new knowledge about cultural training, and how we can in the best way possible develop more cultural intelligent employees and leaders in Danish companies.

Read more about founder Signe Ørom’s research project at Copenhagen University here.