Distance management, Zoom and team meetings

VIRTUEL LEDELSE, kurser foredrag og workshops

Did you know that the physical distance between manager and employee can lead to 80% decrease in confidence, and that complying with budgets and schedules can become 60 % harder?

Virtual leadership and management of a group of people with different cultural backgrounds can be challenging, since culture can influence the expectations we have towards a manager’s role. The physical distance can further complicate the management process. Perhaps you have experienced that it can be difficult to get everyone to contribute during virtual meetings and brainstorming sessions? Or that it can be challenging to build trust and strong relationships within the team because of the physical distance?

Cultural training in virtual leadership provides insight into how leaders can best utilize their leadership skills, and how they can lead a multicultural group in a culturally intelligent way.

  • You are a leader/manager of employees with another cultural background than yourself
  • You are a leader/manager of employees with different cultural backgrounds who work together virtually
Specific knowledge about
  • Which cultural differences you should be aware of between you and your group of employees, and the cultural differences internally within the group
  • How you put together a culturally intelligent “rhythm of communication” (when we should use video conferencing and written communication, when the whole team should meet together, and when it is appropriate to have a one-to-one meeting)
  • How culture influences our expectations of leadership and leadership style
  • How culture influences the way we hold meetings, and how decisions are made
  • How features such as in Skype for Business, are used to optimize the virtual communication between a leader/manager and employees, as well as between the employees
Competencies to
  • Build trusting relations in a virtual team
  • Engage everyone in meetings in a culturally inclusive way
  • Motivate in a multicultural group of employees
  • Give feedback in a culturally sensitive way
  • Create dynamic brainstorming sessions in a virtual meeting
  • Design, tailor and lead a virtual meeting


We can advise you on the form that is most relevant to you. Read more here.


At the training, you can opt to make your individual culture profile using the tool called GlobeSmart. Through Globesmart you are able to compare your individual profile to a general profile for your nationality and for the nationalities of your employees. This allows you to map the main cultural differences and form the basis for the design of new strategies for your leadership. We are also certified in a number of other personality tests, team and cultural tools, which you can choose to integrate in your training. See more here.

”Signe Ørom from ConnectingCultures has conducted cultural training in several of our international director groups. With extensive knowledge and insight into the latest research, Signe frames the challenges you need to be aware of as a manager or employee in a multicultural environment. Testimonials from some of the participants have been: – Great interactive training that we, as leaders can certainly use to make our global teams more efficient (Project Director, Jysk) – It is now quite clear to me that we cannot always use our Danish management style and believe we will be successful in other cultures. It is necessary that cultural differences are addressed to ensure better understanding (Director, Oticon).”
Thomas Halken
Divisionsdirektør, Netværk Danmark

We always focus on your specific needs and put together a program that is based on your reality and industry. Before the training, you will therefore receive a questionnaire so that from your answers, we can clarify your needs and challenges. We tailor your workshop, course or lecture based on the knowledge from the questionnaires and dialogues with you.