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Thanks Signe. Your workshop was a fabulous learning event that the Trainees are still talking about! You are so amazing with not only what you know, but how you share and inspire others. Thank you again.
referencer connecting cultures
Samantha Deeprose
Global Learning & Development Manager, AAK A/S
Thank you very much for such an amazing and inspiring day. We have only received positive feedback across the board. It was a great day and everyone left with a lot of new tools and knowledge. Thanks for that. And thanks for the great experience. You really know what your are talking about
referencer connecting cultures
Val Control
Thanks for a very well prepared and executed cultural training program for the entire audit group. We have enjoyed and learned a lot from you and your very competent co-trainers, who came with local knowledge and interesting stories from all over the world.
referencer connecting cultures
Torben Enstrøm
Corporate Vice President at Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals
For our annual Leadership forum, we chose this year to invite Signe for a workshop focusing on Virtual Leadership in a Global Organization. We are a global support organization, which strive to generate engineering value across countries and regions. In this context our cultural jump-off-point was fairly good. But I must admit, that during the day, we received a lot of inspiration and food for thought from ConnectingCultures. We have received many positive feedbacks in the evaluation. ConnectingCultures hosted a good workshop, leaving a footprint as a professional and experienced subject matter expert. In our industry it is key that our customers trust us. Not just to be technical correct in our solutions, but also making sure we adapt to the local markets and customs when we engage in the complex engineering discussions. ConnectingCultures moved us in the right direction, and we had a lot of fun during the day as well!
referencer connecting cultures
Søren Plagborg
VP, Head of Technical- & Operational Support- Global Business unit Service, Vestas
Signe hosted a motivational lecture on virtual teams and global leadership in our organization with a focus on the cultural differences in the countries we operate in e.g. Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, and Spain. With participants from these countries, we had a lot of fun and learned much about the challenges and benefits when working with different cultures especially at long distance. Signe was very inspiring and managed to get everyone involved. After the workshop, we have had many good discussions about the topics.
referencer connecting cultures
Vivi Stensdal
VP Human Resources at Hamlet Protein
We are a very multicultural center here at CERE and we get a lot of PhD’s and postdoc’s from non-western countries (especially from China, Russia, India and Pakistan) so we thought we would benefit from learning about the differences between academic culture and service culture in the different countries as well as getting suggestions on how to get better at cooperate and communicate across cultures. We invited Signe Ørom from ConnectingCultures to do a workshop on cooperation in a multicultural environment and it was a great success. It was super professionally organized with a good combination of interesting knowledge (based on research, which I appreaciate) and relevant exercises, and Signe managed to engage everybody. It is obvious how Signe has an academic background herself and is used to teach based on research, and at the same time she knows how to put together an interactive program that engages everybody. We at CERE can highly recommend ConnectingCultures and Signe Ørom as provider of culture training at DTU.
referencer connecting cultures
Hanne Pernille Andersen
Center Coordinator at DTU (CERE)
Brilliant presentation, Signe. You are really a skilled and inspiring intermediary.
referencer connecting cultures
Yngve Møller
Senior Business Process Consultant, LEGO
 I am IMPRESSED, very professional event. Culture communicated at a level where everyone can relate to the subject matter, seasoned with practical tasks that challenge so many boundaries and at the same time put culture in perspective in a very hands-on way. Signe and Mikkel appear reliable, knowledgeable and very trustworthy; I was engaged, could recognize a lot of the issues and got some things to think about.
referencer connecting cultures
Pia Nørby
Quality manager – Sihm Højtryk A/S
Signe knows what she’s talking about; she is passionate about the topic of “The multicultural classroom” and she manages to infect the teachers with her enthusiasm. In a charming and professional manner, Signe manages to close the gap between theory and teaching practice. Her case studies are based on examples from teachers’ every day, which means that the learning outcomes of the training can be used immediately in the next teaching situation. Our teachers have praised Signe for her work and have given her a lot of positive feedback in the final evaluation.
referencer connecting cultures
Sophia Vejlgaard
International Coordinator, KEA Global & Guidance
I can highly recommend a cross-cultural program with Signe. Her background with the combination of research and practical knowledge of the Brazilian culture / market has given us some concrete tools that we use daily.
referencer connecting cultures
Edvard Jensen
Global Manger CO Operations, Underwriters Laboratories
The cross culture training delivered by Signe is really helpful to me, it’s the first time I understand the culture issue in a very systematically and also comprehensive way. Very importantly, all the information is prepared in a very practical and tailor made way. I get them in very naturally. Surprisingly, I found from the second day of the training I began to benefit from the training – the conciousness in my mind to read the interaction, and the way I choose to respond in a call meeting, etc.. It is really good experience and help a lot no matter you still work remotely or expatriate to the country.
referencer connecting cultures
Amber Yue Deng
Regional Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific, Novozymes Biopharma (UK)
First, a big thank you for your inspiring and empathetic lecture to our VL meeting at Hotel Nyborg Strand on Sunday 31 May 2015. It was not the easiest task you had been given, to present to 14 men off the chain in the middle of 'beer time' on a Sunday afternoon, and even more so to 14 directors who are not particularly good at listening for a long time, but on the other hand are good at interrupting. Believe me, we have previously driven others mad - but not you, you did the job brilliantly. It was evident that you had a lot to say, which you were excited to pass on. You were thoroughly prepared and one could feel you knew a lot about Brazil and all the nuances of the vast country. With all of the above praising qualities combined with your smiling and outgoing nature, you gave us all a good and informative experience - Just what we hoped for. Thank you.
referencer connecting cultures
Poul Kristensen
Chairman of VL-68
Thank you very much Signe!  You are doing indeed a great job. Your training of business culture has really contributed in order for me to live and work in a very new environment. 
referencer connecting cultures
Faisal Farooq
Electronics Engineer and Researcher
Thanks Signe - fantastic workshop 🙂
referencer connecting cultures
Mads Theilade Pedersen
Sales Manager & Team Leader InHouse Sales, AAK
Participating in your CQ (Cultural Intelligence) seminar was a great pleasure and super relevant and informative. It was a very good balance between active and passive participation and some really good and interesting exercises! I would highly recommend it to others.
referencer connecting cultures
Louise Winkel
Department Manager, Novo Nordisk A/S
Mikkel is truly one of the best training moderators I’ve seen in a long time. He clearly carries a wealth of knowledge on diversity and inclusion, exemplified by how easily he interprets and responds to participant questions and comments without allowing the broader conversation (and focus) to veer off-track. Also, I love his use of short breakout sessions with targeted activities to get us all participating and learning. Thanks, Mikkel, and I’m looking forward to continued learning with you!
referencer connecting cultures
Vito Cataldo
Senior Manager, Personal Care
The 2 workshops you held here at Rambøll were a great success and I have received a lot of positive feedback from participants from both days. I am really happy about that and I am sure it will contribute to a solid foundation to our collaboration this year. Therefore: Thank you so much for your well-prepared and engaging presentations.
referencer connecting cultures
Minna Julie Kolte
Manager, Development and Implementation, Rambøll
Clipper has used ConnectingCultures several times, for example to conduct a course for one of our Danish -Indian teams. Through three workshops for both Danish and Indian team members we have gained insight into the differences and similarities between Danish and Indian business culture and have worked towards how we can respect each other and create a common culture. At the same time, we have actively trained our cultural competencies which we now use actively in our every day. The result is a more productive collaboration, stronger relationships, clearer communication and a distinctly more efficient team.
referencer connecting cultures
Anders Bruun
Head of Business Development, Clipper Group
I had the pleasure of attending Signe’s one-day- course about cultural differences between Denmark and Mexico. The course was very structured and useful with clear goal definitions and attention to personal details. Signe used well-known and very relevant cultural models during the course and I have used several during the first 6 months living in Mexico. Signe’s cultural training is a great basic foundation for living/working/engaging with Mexico even for experienced travelers and internationals.
referencer connecting cultures
Janus Skøt
Senior Director, Latin America, Arla Foods amba
In October 2015, we had the pleasure of having Signe Ørom on the Danish Embassy in Brasilia, where she held a full-day employee training on intercultural teambuilding. Signe contributed with her in-depth knowledge of Danish and Brazilian culture, and helped us, as a team, to get a better understanding of our differences as well as being aware of our strengths as a team. Signe is a skilled and committed mediator, and she managed to create a space for a very open dialogue.
referencer connecting cultures
Kim Højlund Christensen
The Danish ambassador in Brazil
Thank you for a good lecture/training. It has really given us something to think about in relation to the differences that exist between the cultures in Denmark and India. I am sure we can turn it into concrete actions that will make our cooperation with the service center in India even better.
referencer connecting cultures
Andreas Astrup
Team Leader, Novo Nordisk
In DFDS we have been focusing on utilizing the potential within cultural differences. During 2017, Signe Ørom has been facilitating a number of customized workshops for various groups of our employees. As the demand for training and insights regarding cultural differences increased in the organization, we decided to develop internal competences for managing the request for cultural training. This was done via a co-creating process with signe Ørom, including a 3 day workshop where 4 specific training programmes were co-created. Sign Ørom is highly competent and professional. We have benefited substantially from her experience and insights – and due to her positive, customer-oriented approach, we have enjoyed spending time with her during the numerous processes and workshops.
referencer connecting cultures
Kasper Damgaard-Richardt
Vice President, Training and Development at DFDS
Dine to workshops her hos Rambøll var en stor succes, og jeg har fået mange positive tilkendegivelser fra begge dages deltagere. Det er jeg enormt glad for og jeg er sikker på, at det vil bidrage til et godt fundament for vores samarbejde i år. Derfor: tusind tak for dine velforberedte og engagerede oplæg!
referencer connecting cultures
Minna Julie Kolte
Manager, Development and Implementation, Rambøll
In connection with the establishment of a new factory in Brazil for the production of flexible pipes for the oil and gas industry, NOV Flexibles has run a training course in Denmark during 2012-2013 for more than 70 of its Brazilian colleagues. During this period, NOV Flexibles had the great advantage of Signe Ørom’s expertise during this training, as well as her extensive knowledge of Brazilian culture and mentality. Not only was Signe Ørom able to highlight the differences between the countries in a warm and humorous way, but she managed especially to convey the background to these differences in a down to earth and useful manner. This helped to make our Brazilian colleagues’ stay a positive experience, and made it easier for them to function daily in a Danish context.
referencer connecting cultures
Birgit Skov Nielsen
Mobility assistant, NOV Flexibles
The company I work for has many times asked Signe to hold one- to two days courses in cultural training for those employees that transfer to the Denmark based office from overseas. In 2013 I was one of those employees, and I had the pleasure to be guided through Danish culture by Signe. Signe in a clear and concise way and with a personal touch made the day both interesting and rewarding where upon conclusion I walked away with a greater understanding of the environment in which I would be working going forward. I can highly recommend working with Signe in this regard.
referencer connecting cultures
Sophie de Goede
Commercial Specialist, Hess Denmark
It is because of Signes cultural training that I really have avoided some embarrassing situations in my international cooperation that might have ruined a good working relationship.
referencer connecting cultures
Eva Valcke
Director KEA Global, Copenhagen School
Also thank you on my behalf for your expert support and highly skilled cultural training. It has been a very exciting journey so far, and very important and useful for everyone in the team to really understand the cultural differences.
referencer connecting cultures
Jacob Seier Nyvang
Design and Project Manager, Bladt Industries A/S 
Thanks again for Friday, it was really good and everyone - including some "skeptics" - in our evaluation have given very positive feedback.
referencer connecting cultures
Morten Busch
Head of IT, Clipper Group 
Thank you very much for a very good speech from you this Monday. It was very interesting (meant in the Danish sense and not the English). You are an excellent presenter and we felt entertained while we got lots of new knowledge.
referencer connecting cultures
Elisabeth Kannegaard
HR Training & Development Manager, Thomas Cook Airlines
Our session with cultural trainer Signe Ørom was a refreshing wake up call, giving a view of the perceived, misunderstood as well as more scientifically founded difference between us all. I’m sure it will help us in working even better together. 
referencer connecting cultures
Torben Moll
Vice President, Global Compliance & Quality Management, Tajco Group A/S
It was both educational and a lot of fun! Thank you so much for coming.
referencer connecting cultures
Simone Egense Fejring
Business Graduate hos Danish Crown
Really enjoyed this session. Great way of teaching, training and communicating. Thumbs up! 
referencer connecting cultures
Vivian Avenstrup
Management Assistant to Vice President, Vestas
I happen to be the Head of Nordics and Benelux for a about two years for a business for UCB, in that part I came in contact with Signe, she was my culture coach when I joined in the Nordics and Benelux. I came from India, straight out from India to Northern Europe, as you call it in UCB. That was a big cultural swift, and thank you very much for all the support and help that you have given and the coaching that you gave. I remember two calls that I had when I was based in Mumbai, actually. And it really helped me in turns of acclimatizing in Scandinavia, and not only that, all the presentations and workshops that you had regarding the rest of Europe am I experiencing now due to my European role today. I take care of various strategic engagements for UCB in Europe and also building network, so you can imagine in two years time, coming from India to Europe, looking at various engagements and building network, it´s quite a bit of a journey for me.
referencer connecting cultures
Sudip Chakraborty
Head of Strategic Engagement & Neurology Network, Europe at UCB Biopharma S/A