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Market-specific DE&I strategies

Culturally Inclusive & Market-specific DE&I Reports

While inclusion of diversity is a global concern, it’s crucial to remember that every place is unique. This implies – when developing strategies to promote diversity and inclusion – taking into account a number of factors.: How accepting people are in regard to different minority groups, what the countries’ culture and customs are, and what the rules and laws are in each market. DEI initiatives that succeed in one country might have unintended negative consequences in another. A market-specific DE&I report can help you avoid misunderstandings.

A market-specific DE&I report will analyze people data, societal norms, cultural practices, and legal frameworks in your markets to identify DE&I potential and strengths and areas requiring careful attention in each of the market.

THE PURPOSE is to equip your company with the necessary insights to formulate tailored  DE&I strategies that resonate with local cultural and societal expectations and comply with legal obligations. Only a nuanced understanding will enable the company targeted interventions that can make a significant difference in terms of developing truly inclusive initiatives.


The report contains an overview of relevant cultural norms and societal attitudes in each of your local markets across the world, as well as information about the legal framework focusing on diversity dimensions such as 








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Example of part of a country-specific DEI-report for Estonia

Market-specific DEI-report
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