Did You Get The Point?

Did You Get the Point? Cultural Intelligence and Diversity in Global Collaboration is a critically acclaimed book about working effectively across cultures. Based on several years of research and two decades of collaboration with various international companies, ConnectingCultures’ founder Signe Ørom, Ph.D., has published the book “Did You Get the Point? Cultural Intelligence and Diversity in Global Collaboration” (2022).

The book is aimed for any leader, team or employee looking to develop and strengthen their cultural intelligence, and improve the conditions for successful cross-cultural collaboration in the workplace.

The book has been praised for its engaging, self-reflecting and humorous language, and for its value for anyone looking to gain practical, data-backed knowledge on the differences that can emerge across cultures. 

Whether you are completely new to interacting with different cultures in your professional setting, or you are an experienced in cross-cultural leadership with years of experience behind you, the real life cases and up-to-date data is guaranteed to provide you with some valuable insights, and help you develop new, fruitful strategies for cross-cultural management.

English and Danish version

The book is available in both English and Danish. The two books, “Did You Get The Point?” and “Forstod du, hvad de sagde?”, are very similar. However, where the Danish version is aimed towards Danes working globally, the English version is adjusted towards internationals working in Denmark or in other ways collaborating with Danes.

What our readers say

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Other Publications

Communication In International Companies

Signe Ørom is co-author of the book “Communication in International Companies” which you can read more about in Danish version here. 

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Signe Ørom's new book ’Forstod du, hvad de sagde?’ provides a solid insight into the pitfalls and potential gains of cross-cultural collaboration. Cultural diversity can enrich teams and organisations by, among other things, strengthening creativity and increasing productivity. But cultural differences can also lead to misunderstandings and cost companies dearly. (...) the book is a must-read for everyone wanting to learn more about how globally oriented companies ought to approach and tackle cultural differences. (...) the book’s many thought provoking, and sometimes funny stories about cultural misunderstandings, as well as clever solutions for how to handle cross-cultural collaboration, both internally and externally. Signe Ørom demonstrates great insight into the subject – her background in research and many years of experience really shine through.
referencer connecting cultures
Økonomisk Ugeblad
Claus Strue Frederiksen
With great competence, insightfulness and eloquence, Signe Ørom discusses the cultural challenges and opportunities in international collaboration. Meaningful, empirical examples masterfully illustrate the many challenges one can meet as a Dane, and the book shows how to achieve a cultural diversity bonus. Definitely recommendable!
referencer connecting cultures
Mette Zølner
Professor in Intercultural Communication at Aarhus University
I can highly recommend the new book from Signe Ørom. Her thoughts on the cultural diversity bonus are highly relevant for a company like ours, which has gone from being 95% Danish to a truly global company with a large variety of different cultures and with that, a transformation towards many more virtual meetings.
referencer connecting cultures
Asger Kronborg
Senior Director, LEGO
The book is an eye-opener which should be read by everyone who works with global partners and/or in multicultural teams. In a well-written, nuanced, and humorous way, this book conveys scientifically sound, evidence-based insights into the pitfalls and challenges to be aware of when people from different cultural backgrounds and communicative preferences meet. Without any preaching, the book manages to make the reader face their own cultural biases and contains specific tools on how to create strong, trust-based collaboration and well-functioning teams across cultures. I have undoubtedly received a gently kick in the butt/push to see how non-judgmental and openminded I actually am. I feel much better prepared to avoid misunder-standings and to harvest the fruits of multicultural collaboration in the future.”
referencer connecting cultures
Louise Winkel
Ph.d., Director, GLobal R&D Business Development, Novo Nordisk
Lancering af tvillingebøgerne 'Forstod du, hvad de sagde?' og 'Did You get the Point?'

Book launch at IDA

Lancering af bogen Forstod du, hvad de sagde på bogforum 2022

Launch of Did You Get the Point? at   BOGFORUM

Bogforum 2023 interview Signe Ørom og Julie Folmer-Niemann

BOGFORUM together with interviewer Julie Folmer-Niemann, HEAD og DE&I at Carlsberg