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Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)– also sometimes spelled out DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) DEI&B (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging), and DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility)– has become one of the most integral aspects for modern organizations to work actively with. Collaboration in diverse teams reveals how employees can be different in terms of expectations, working methods, motivation and ways of thinking depending on gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, cognition, professional background – and many other diversity factors.


Working with diversity means paying attention to how different employees experience the workplace. Although D&I can seem complex – and for many companies, like an overwhelming conversation to start -, the potential for setting strategies for your D&I is huge. But, to benefit from the range of perspectives, creativity and innovation a diverse group offers, it takes more than just setting a diverse group: it takes an inclusive mindset and culture, inclusive leaders and inclusion strategies, and that requires training and sometimes support. That is where we come in.


Successful D&I initiatives can:

  • Increase innovation in your organization and enhanced performance. Studies reveal that diverse teams can perform up to 25% better than non-diverse teams, and provide 20% more innovation.
  • Create increased well-being and mental health for your diverse workers
  • Lead to less sick days, higher job satisfaction and higher retention rates
  • Expand your pool of knowledge in ways not previously identified
  • Create market expansion and stronger customer relations by relating to new types of partners and customers
  • Create a stronger company culture where employees feel valued, seen and respected


Our D&I consultancy can be developed and tailored for senior management, HR, employees or anyone who is looking to work more actively with diversity and inclusion.


At ConnectingCultures, we approach diversity with a broad understanding. That means that as a part of our collaboration, we aim to identify which particular diversity factors are the most relevant and important ones for your company to focus on, and what diversity actually means amongst your employees.


It also means that we as consultants in ConnectingCultures seek to analyze the overall cognitive diversity. When companies draw on a broader understanding of what diversity means and the many ways in which employees can be diverse, it opens for new ways to improve both competitiveness and well-being. Cognitive diversity means analyzing the many patterns of thought, ideas, perspectives and ways to tackle and solve problems, that are present – but maybe hidden – in your group of employees.

Some of the diversity aspects we support you with:
  • Gender and gender identity
  • Cultural diversity
  • Nationalities
  • Age and seniority
  • Mental health & Neurodiversity (Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and employees with other diagnosis)
  • Ethnicity
  • Educational background
  • Professional background


We are happy to advise on which form of training is most relevant to you regarding diversity and unconscious bias. Read more here.

”Our session with Signe Ørom was a refreshing wake up call, giving a view of the perceived, misunderstood as well as more scientifically founded difference between us all. I´m sure it will help us in working even better together”

We always focus on your specific needs and put together a program that is based on your reality and industry. Before the training, you will therefore receive a questionnaire so that from your answers, we can clarify your needs and challenges. We tailor your workshop, course or lecture based on the knowledge from the questionnaires and dialogues with you.