Cultural trainers, country experts and DEI consultants

At ConnectingCultures we have cultural trainers, specialists and country experts, as well as DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) consultants. 

Our cultural specialists, who are also trained facilitators, ensure that you get a sound understanding of the culture and that your newly gained knowledge is converted to cultural competences and cultural intelligence (CQ). 

Our country specialists have in-depth knowledge of both the business culture and everyday culture in more than 40 countries, including China, Brazil, India, France, Russia and many more. Even if you can’t find the country you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Lead Consultants at ConnectingCultures are Signe Ørom, Mikkel Orlovski, Minna Paunova, Helene Taarnhøj, Tali Padan and Mette Nørr Gantzhorn 

Meet some of our DEI trainers, culture specialists and country experts below…
Signe Ørom Signe Ørum kulturtræner

CEO & Principal Consultant

Signe has a Ph.D. in Culture and Language and is the owner and founder of ConnectingCultures. Signe has extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge about cross-cultural encounters and working effectively in Diverse teams. She can help you to optimize your collaboration in diverse & cross-cultural teams.

In relation to D&I, Signe is passionated about helping teams and organisations acheive the diversity bonus through inclusive leadership and inclusive mindset training, as well as creating awareness about unconscious biases, as

Signe has lived abroad for 9 years and worked in global companies for +15 years, and has extensive general knowledge of working culture across countries.

Moreover, Signe has 4 years of experience in working virtually across the US, Asia and Europe. She is an experienced facilitator as she has held more than 400 workshops and lectures in more than 20 countries.

Besides her work at ConnectingCultures, Signe is a researcher at CIRCD at the University of Copenhagen. Signe spends her spare time on travel, hiking, creative projects as well as singing in a choir. Signe lives in Copenhagen with her husband and two children.



Mikkel Orlovski Principal Consultant

Associate partner & Principal Consultant

Mikkel is Principal Consultant and Associated Partner at ConnectingCultures and has more than 15 years of experience working with developing cultural intelligence in global teams and facilitating Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)/Unconscious Bias workshops. 

Mikkel has a background in Intercultural Psycology, is CQ certified from the Cultural Intelligence Center, and primarily works with building Cultural Intelligence in teams and organisations as well as Diversity and Inclusion programs. 

As a consultant, Mikkel often combines his knowledge on how to lead or collaborate effectively in diverse groups and across cultures, genders, professional backgrounds, ages and personality styles. He is certified and experienced in a variety of personality and developmental tests and tools. 

He lives in Copenhagen with his wife and 2 children, where most of the leisure time is spent looking for interesting and odd cultural experiences in Denmark and abroad.


Principal Consultant

Minna is a Principal Consultant at ConnectingCultures. She has extensive experience teaching within the area of Cultural Intelligence and over ten years of international experience working together with organizations to foster better multicultural team dynamics, diversity and inclusion (D&I), and global leadership, among others. 

Besides from her role at ConnectingCultures, Minna is an Associate Professor in Cross-Cultural Management and Communication at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), where she teaches undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate courses in intercultural communication, cross-cultural management, leadership, and diversity. Minna holds a PhD in Management from IESE Business School (Spain), and an Executive Coaching Certificate from INSEAD (France).  
A TEDx speaker, Minna has published extensively on these topics; her current research focuses on multiculturalism and equality in globalized workplaces.

Minna enjoys music—making it, but mostly enjoying it—in her spare time. Originally from Bulgaria, she and her Peruvian-Spanish husband are currently raising their two children in Frederiksberg, Denmark.


Helene Kulturspecialist konsulent Connecting Cultures

Principal Consultant

Helene has a broad background as a cross cultural facilitator. She holds a Master in Int. HR Management and a Bachelor in French and Int. Marketing. From her 14 years of international experience of living and working abroad, she has great insight into both the professional and personal life across many cultures.


With great theoretical and practical knowledge, Helene has a gift for presenting information on cross-cultural and virtual collaborations. 


Helene has primarily worked with int. organizations, the educational sector, and nonprofit organizations. This includes working with expatriation in all its levels and do also manage this area within ConnectingCultures – incl. coaching of the expatriated and the accompanying family.  


Helene is a certified within CQ and personality type coaching, and an in-house trained visual facilitator.


Helene lives north of Copenhagen with her husband and two boys, with whom she recently traveled the world during a sabbatical, before moving back to Denmark. She loves all kinds of food and happily practices any sport available. 


Helene has lived in Denmark, Canada, France, Sweden, Spain and Taiwan. 



Principal Consultant

Donna-Marie holds a Master in Information Technology Product Design from University of Southern Denmark and a Bachelor in Business Studies from the University of West London. Donna-Marie was born and raised in England, and she has lived in Denmark, Japan, Sweden and China for the past 26 years.

With her global footprint and many experiences, Donna-Marie has a strong cross-cultural profile. With her background in communication, she has more than 15 years of professional experience with international brands. In addition, she has engaged in cultural training at educational institutions, where she has co-created workshops aimed at developing intercultural competencies and international perspectives.

Donna-Marie lives in Jutland with her Danish husband and her two children. She likes to spend her free time designing jewelry and making cards and decorations for special occasions. 



Associate Principal Consultant on D&I


Mette holds a master’s degree in Psychology from Aarhus University. She has extensive experience with diversity and inclusion in business. She was born in Denmark, and she has lived in Scotland and England. In addition, her work has led her to many different countries, such as Japan, Belgium, Norway and China. 


With her previous senior leadership positions attaining to Diversity & Inclusion, at both Novo Nordisk and Ørsted, as well as her experience in a wide variety of HR disciplines, Mette has thorough knowledge of D&I, leadership development and change management leadership. She is currently working as a consultant, facilitator and speaker with a focus on diversity and inclusion (D&I). 


Mette’s out of work interests include spending time with family, reading as well as exploring new discoveries within psychology and current affairs. 



Daria Morgounova Schwalbe

Senior Consultant & Russia

Daria holds a Ph.D. in Languages and Studies of Cultural Encounters from University of Copenhagen and is Senior Consultant at ConnectingCultures. Daria has an international background and was born and raised in Belarus. 

She has spent half of her life in Denmark thus she has first hand experience of the encounter with Danish culture. Daria has lived and worked on several continents and has in-depth knowledge about business culture especially in North America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Her international experience includes a wide range of projects for international companies and NGO’s. Besides from her work at ConnectingCultures, she has spent the last 10 years teaching in the subjects; Cultural Understanding and Intercultural Communication at the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School and DPU. Daria lives in Kastrup with her husband and two children. In her spare time, she likes to travel and go horseback riding. 



Principal Consultant

Amin Mousavi Landespecialist, Iran

Country expert, Iran

Amin has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is a specialist on Iran. With his vast knowledge of Iranian businesses and work experience from the country, Amin knows how to navigate within the Iranian cultural codes and how knows how they influence Iranian business behaviour. 

Amin has worked in multinational companies both in Iran and Denmark, and he knows the differences that can be challenging in a Danish -Iranian cooperation. When he is not working, Amin enjoys, among others things, nature photography and travel. Amin has lived with his wife in Denmark since 2014.


Thomas Starlit

Principal Consultant & Malaysia

Thomas has a master in IT and Organisation with a focus on leadership in virtual and global teams. He has 15 years of experience in leading in a global context and has lived 8 years in Belgium and Malaysia. 

Thomas has extensive experience in developing global organisations and teams, and has deep knowledge about global sourcing strategies, designing efficient global processes and 24/7 global delivery of complex services. 

He is at ease communicating with people from all levels of organisations. He lives in Værløse outside Copenhagen with his Chinese wife and their children. In his spare time he enjoys photography on a high level and nature.





Ditte is a master’s degree student in English at the University of Copenhagen and specializes in Language, Culture and Communication in International Organizations. The past 2,5 years, she has worked as an editor at the Danish Procurement and Logistics Forum’s member’s magazine. She is a student assistant at ConnectingCultures. Ditte has a big interest in the USA, where she lived and worked as an au pair for 1,5 years. Through both education and travelling, she has gained vast knowledge of American culture and the English language as a global phenomenon.

Besides her work at ConnectingCultures, Ditte lives in Valby, where she spends most of her time travelling, playing soccer and making music. 


Shun Che Landespecialist, Kina

Country Specialist, China

Shun Che is a country specialist on China. She has a BSc in International Business Administration and Japanese and Culture, as well as a MSc degree in Marketing Communication Management from Copenhagen Business School. Shun Che is native Chinese from Hong Kong, and she has lived and worked in Hong Kong, Sydney and London, before moving to Copenhagen in 2003.

Shun Che has more than 5 years of management experience from a Danish consulting firm that specializes in compliance and anti-corruption.
In her spare time, she loves to travel, cook food and spend quality time with her family.


Camilla Landespecialist, Frankrig

Country Specialist, France 

Camilla holds a master’s degree in International Business Communication, Intercultural Marketing from Copenhagen Business School and has studied, worked and lived in France for many years. Before the master’s degree, Camilla completed two bachelor’s degrees at the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. One in business and languages and one in Information and Communications Science. 

Camilla is specialized in France and can provide valuable insights on how to optimize the communication with French business colleagues, partners and clients. Furthermore, insights on how to stay synced and avoid pitfalls and miscommunications in between cultures and languages. Camilla has worked at French Companies with international contact points and stakeholders and has thus gained experience in French business life and culture. Since returning to Denmark, she has been working in the private business sector and travels to France often to visit family and friends, despite her residence in Copenhagen.


Agnes Wambui Madsen Landespecialist, Østafrika

Country Specialist, East Africa

Agnes is a specialist on East Africa with experience in Kenya, where she was born and raised. Agnes has a Master’s degree in International Marketing and Management, and with more than 10 years of work experience from Kenya, Agnes has gained a thorough knowledge of the Kenyan and East African business culture. 

Agnes has lived in Denmark since 1997 and throughout this period has had several jobs where she has had the role of being the link between Danish and East African companies and institutions. Agnes has therefore gained extensive personal experience with Danish – Kenyan and Danish – East African collaborations. Agnes likes to spend her spare time on music, art and gastronomy. Agnes lives in Copenhagen with her son.


Student Assistant

Ditte is a master’s degree student in English at the University of Copenhagen and specializes in Language, Culture and Communication in International Organizations. The past 2,5 years, she has worked as an editor at the Danish Procurement and Logistics Forum’s member’s magazine. She is a student assistant at ConnectingCultures. Ditte has a big interest in the USA, where she lived and worked as an au pair for 1,5 years. Through both education and travelling, she has gained vast knowledge of American culture and the English language as a global phenomenon.

Besides her work at ConnectingCultures, Ditte lives in Valby, where she spends most of her time travelling, playing soccer and making music. 


cultural specialist connecting cultures

Country Specialist, Poland

Agata is a cultural specialist on Poland and has a bachelor degree in Business Administration and a master double degree in Business Management from Polish Open University and Oxford Brookes University. She is born in Poland, but has worked and lived in UK, UAE, Germany and Denmark. 

Agata has through her professional life worked in big international and multicultural organizations. She started her career within marketing, and has a lot of experience working with cross-cultural management. Today, her biggest passion is how the individual employee affect the organization and works therefore today within Human Resources, where she now works with international mobility and is in daily contact with people from all over the world. 

Agata is certified In CQ (cultural intelligence), and is LSP: Lego Serious Player facilitator. She lives with her husband and two kids in Rungsted Kyst, and spend her spare time in the nature, by the water and in the garden.

Country Specialist,  Greenland

Martine has a bachelor’s degree in Ethnography and Social Anthropology from the University of Aarhus and a cand.comm in Journalism from RUC with Culture and Language Encounter Studies as a second subject. She grew up in the Greenlandic town, Sisimiut, and has, as an adult, lived and worked in the capital, Nuuk, where she worked as an editor on the Greenlandic news bulletin at KNR – Radio of Greenland. Since 2015, she has been a self-employed communicator in Danish-Greenlandic relationships. She has also produced a number of educational materials about the Danish Realm, been an editor on Greenland’s women’s magazine, Arnanut, and been an organizer of school courses about Greenland.

Privately, she lives a little north of Helsingør with her husband and 3 children and enjoys kayaking Øresund.


Alexander Sizikov Landespecialist, USA og Rusland

Country Specialist, US and Russia

Alexander has a Master’s degree in Anthropology and is a specialist in the United States and Russia. Alexander was born in Russia and has a bachelor’s degree in American studies. 

This coupled with work and study experience in both the US and Russia have given Alexander a thorough knowledge of these two large and complex countries. With his good analytical sense, Alexander is able to prepare you to navigate your Danish – American or Danish – Russian collaborations in a culturally intelligent manner. Nature and outdoor recreation are two of Alexander’s great passions, and it is here that he finds peace in a busy schedule. Alexander has lived in Denmark since 2015 with his Greek partner.


Isa Rasmussen Landespecialist, Indien

Country Specialist, India 

Isa is a specialist on India and has a Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies. Isa is Danish and through her education, work and countless trips, she has gained extensive knowledge of India. Isa also has extensive experience in communicating her knowledge of Indian culture to the Danish businesses, and she knows how to ensure good relations in the Danish- Indian cooperation. When Isa is not working, she loves to travel and is involved in voluntary and charitable work. Isa lives in Copenhagen.


Sabiha Stenbjerre Landespecialist, Tyrkiet

Country Specialist, Turkey

Sabiha is a specialist on Turkey and knows how to navigate Turkish work and social culture. Sabiha has a Master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Marmara University and has worked 15 years in Turkey before she came to Denmark in 2011. Sabiha also has extensive work experience from multinational companies. She knows therefore from personal experience how the characteristics of Turkish work and business culture influences international collaborations. Sabiha is especially interested in political issues, including human rights and children’s rights and education. She lives in Copenhagen with her two children.


Chiara Marmugi kulturspecialist landespecialist Connecting Cultures

Country Specialist, Italy 

Chiara was born and raised in Tuscany,and has two degrees in Intercultural Communication, from Italy and Germany.

After 15 years of freelancing through Europe as a researcher, media consultant, and translator, in 2014 she moved to Denmark with her Spanish-Italian family. Here she strengthened her Cultural Intelligence, both on a theoretical and on a practical level, and gained experience with recruitment and talent retention in Danish institutions of international standing, with intercultural community building, and with Danish-Italian business relationships. 

Chiara can help Danish companies optimize the communication with Italian business colleagues, clients, and partners, avoiding intercultural pitfalls and miscommunication.


Country Specialist,  Hungary

Dora is an ICF certified executive and team coach, senior trainer and Gestalt therapist. She contributes to different regional and global organizational design and coaching projects, with 29 years of work experience at international companies and SMEs and 12 years of leadership experience in social and professional NGOs. She has a Master of Sciences degree in economics, specialized in law, and she is a specialist on Hungary.

Dora is fascinated (both in business and private life) by intercultural and relational situations, including how to manage relations with diverse values and norms. She is convinced that the Danish and Hungarian cultures are very different, which creates both challenges and learning opportunities for both parties when doing business together.
People know her as a creative problem solver, who is also structured, open minded and curious. Dora splits her time with her husband between Hungary and Denmark, where their daughter was offered the possibility to start a life. She is fluent in English, French and Italian, studies Danish and is a passionate SUP racer in her spare time.


Florian Weber-Romanus Landespecialist, Tyskland

Country Specialist, Germany 

Florian is a specialist on Germany and can give you a thorough insight into how you can optimize your communication with your German colleagues, partners or customers. Florian has a Master’s degree in Language and Culture from the Humboldt University in Berlin and has also studied in Lyon and Moscow. Through his German education and work experience, Florian has extensive knowledge of German business culture, and amongst other things has worked with disseminating this knowledge to foreigners in Germany. Florian also has a good knowledge of Denmark and Danish business culture, after living and working in Denmark for more than 10 years.Florian’s interests are literature and politics, and he blogs about relevant German topics. Florian lives in Copenhagen with his wife and their three children.


Country Specialist, Balkans 

(Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia – Herzegovina and Montenegro)

Stine is a specialist on the Balkans and has a deep specialised knowledge of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia – Herzegovina and Montenegro. Stine is Danish and has a Master’s degree in European Studies and Serbo-Croatian, and she knows how the region’s history and society has influenced the country’s business culture. Through countless trips and work stints in the region, Stine has also gained a thorough knowledge of the Balkans. Stine lives in Copenhagen with her husband and their two children, and when she’s not working she enjoys spending time in the family’s summerhouse and dancing.


Country Specialist,  South Korea

Mia has a master’s degree in Korean Studies and is a specialist on South Korea. She was born in Korea but grew up in Denmark. She gained a great deal of knowledge of Korean history and culture from her studies, when she lived in the country for 2 years altogether. She has many years of teaching experience in language and culture and has also worked as an International Business Consultant in the trading department at the South Korean embassy. She knows all about the challenges a company can experience in cooperative relations.
Besides Denmark and Korea, Mia has lived in England, Sweden and Canada. She now resides in Lyngby with her husband and son. In her spare time, she likes to travel and do activities with her family. Additionally, she volunteers as deputy chairman at the Danish-Korean Association. 
Yutaka Nishijima Landespecialist, Japan

Country Specialist, Japan

Yutaka is a specialist on Japan and knows how to navigate the hierarchical structure found in Japanese business culture and society in general. Yutaka has a Master’s degree in International Relations and through his jobs in Denmark, particularly in the solar and wind industry, has served as a liaison between Danish and Japanese companies and departments. Yutaka knows both in theory and in practice what to pay attention to in Danish – Japanese collaboration.

Yutaka came to Denmark in 2000 where he has since worked in both Danish and Japanese companies. When he is not working, Yutaka finds time for tennis, which is one of his main interests. Yutaka is married to his Japanese- Danish wife and has three children.


Country Specialist,  Brazil

Carla Schack is a specialist in Brazil, and has great knowledge of the country’s culture, where she was born and raised. Carla has a Master in Portuguese and Brazilian studies from the University of Copenhagen and work experience from both the public and private sectors in both countries.

Carla has lived in Denmark for 21 years, and is an Associate Professor in the area of Innovation and entrepreneurship. Carla has worked as a business liaison between Brazil and Denmark since 2009, when she was Chief Consultant for the Brazilian Olympic Committee during the 121st International Olympic Congress in Copenhagen. With her experience from both countries, both on a very professional and personal level, Carla can offer a lot of knowledge that can be used concretely when cultural and business understanding is needed.

Carla lives in Copenhagen with her husband and 2 children.


Pia Lund Poulsen Landespecialist, Indonesien og Malaysia

Country Specialist, Indonesia and Malaysia 

Pia is a specialist in Indonesia and Malaysia and with more than 20 years of travelling and working in the two countries, Pia has gained detailed knowledge of everyday life and work culture in the two countries. Pia has a Master’s degree in Anthropology and has worked with Indonesia at University level both in Copenhagen and Java. By virtue of her great personal experience and cultural knowledge, Pia can therefore provide many examples of how to optimize communication in Danish- Malaysian and Danish – Indonesian collaborations. Outside of work, Pia is interested in culture, history and art. Pia lives in Copenhagen with her Malaysian husband and their two children.


Country Specialist,  Thailand & Myanmar

Anders is a specialist on Thailand and Myanmar. Anders is Danish and has worked in Thailand, where he both had staff responsibility and responsibility to train Thai staff. Therefore, he has great insight and practical knowledge of the country’s work and business culture. In addition, Anders has a Master’s degree in Anthropology, specializing in Intercultural Communication, so when conducting training on the intercultural collaborations between Denmark and Thailand, he can combine theoretical knowledge with his personal experience.

Anders lives in Aarhus, where he works with Asian culture. When Anders is not working, his interests include meditation and trekking.


Country Specialist,  Baltics

Agnese has a Ph.D. in anthropology and is a specialist on the Baltic countries. Agnese was born and raised in Latvia, but has lived 14 years in Norway, where she has worked with Nordic companies and organizations, and has done research on Nordic companies in the Baltics. Agnese has thorough knowledge of the challenges and the potential in the Danish -Baltic cooperation.

In her free time, Agnese enjoys reading and outdoor activities. Agnese lives with her family in Riga.


Country Specialist,  Gulf countries

Sabeeka has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is a specialist in Gulf countries with special knowledge of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Sabeeka was born and raised in Qatar and worked in Qatar and Saudi Arabia before she came to Denmark for the first time in 2010. During her career Sabeeka worked for a large Danish international business both in Qatar and in Denmark, and she has in-depth knowledge about how to achieve the best cooperation between countries.

When Sabeeka is not working, she enjoys dance, travel and fashion. Sabeeka lives in Copenhagen.