In collaboration with Noca, Signe gives an inspirational talk about cultural intelligence and diversity.

Collaboration across cultures, whether virtual or physical, is essential in many companies and organizations, and culture is present in nearly all aspects of any international collaboration.

It can present challenges, from fundamental cultural biases about what a good leader is to interpretations of micro expressions such as tone of voice, eye contact and body language.

Whether it is the Danish project manager in Dubai struggling with unspoken social rules, the Indian IT-worker in Copenhagen who must navigate the Danish humor or the leader who leads a virtual multicultural team across 8 locations – cultural differences are at play.

Practical Information

When: 2nd of February 2023

Where: Teams

Time: 9.00-10.30

It takes more than just setting a diverse group to achieve the benefits that cultural diversity offers. It takes an inclusive mindset to achieve this DIVERSITY BONUS in the workplace, by creating an environment where you truly benefit from the cognitive diversity amongst your team members and the unique skills, life experiences and perspectives that diverse workers have.

Through humorous examples, cases and quotes from experienced global leaders from different companies and organizations such as LEGO, Novo Nordisk, Vestas, Arla, Maersk, Rambøll, AAK, COWI, Blue Water Shipping, HydraSpecma, PepsiCo, UCB BioPharma and Tajco, Signe Ørom provides insights into how we can use cultural intelligence to strengthen our global collaborations.

This interactive talk is for anyone with an interest in culture in the workplace and how companies can benefit from diversity.

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