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    Calculating the higher-level part of the Task.Factory.FromResult() tuple

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  6. FolderSync (predictable file name) allows you to combine a list of files (one per line in the clipboard, selection from the file explorer) with text from a text file to automatically generate names for date/time and filename based sorting.

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    Have any DC8s ever been retired?

    An introduction to DC8s on wiki says

    The DC8 was the world’s fastest production aircraft until the
    introduction of the B-747. After the DC8 rolled out, the 747 quickly
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    ■ requires Administrator permission to install (no uninstall program)
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  17. Voxengo AnSpec comes with a free version that lets you analyze the sound of your entire track, and a full version that lets you analyze a particular frequency range. This free version, called AnSpec Lite, has several limitations. It only allows you to spectate one track or selected frequencies, but if you’re using the full version, it lets you tag and export your findings, so you don’t have to analyze over a period of hours before taking a break

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  18. Enable PHP locally, rewrite URLs, redirect pages, config-read from XML file, setup with database storage, files and URL forwarding for just a few clicks. LitePXP is the php counterpart of WordPress.
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  20. More details about the merger can be found below. To see how Google Chrome’s Messengers, Contacts and Tasks come together, check out our session on the Subject Builder.
    Yahoo Widgets and Konfabulator Merge to Form Yahoo! Platform for Widgets Searching
    Starting from August 30, 2010, Yahoo! Widgets and YUI’s Konfabulator communities will unify and develop a new platform for research and creation of widgets (ie. small software applications) and eventually
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    Portable media player app with handy music controls for iOS

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    ■ Manage employee information.
    ■ Can quickly relocate employees so that individuals can work on their own tasks, without disturbing others.
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    Workflow is an award-winning work management
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  30. Kick Digital creates realistic sounds by using multiple drum kits, so your created sounds can match perfectly with each part of your music track! You can use several different synthesizers with many lead sounds and modulation effects.

    80dB dynamic range measurement was issued April 3, 2010 to the FCC office of the Enforcement Bureau, to licensees and other parties enforcing the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Herewith is a quick update on the status of the proceeding and a look at who responded to the FCC�
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  31. The Windows application allows users to schedule application execution with the Time-based or Events-based Scheduler which is useful for automatic determination of duplicate data or the manual determination of the times for batch processing, application of special rules and various actions.

    WinPST is complete in that it encompasses and covers all the features of Windows PST repair software. The product offers users a wide variety of actions and processing options such as Repairing, splitting, un-duplicating, Merge
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  34. Calculator with a countdown timerProCalc is a time sensitive calculator with a countdown timer, dividing, rounding up, dividing, and subtraction/addition/multiplication.
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  36. 1.2.0: Alternatives for F# 2.0

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  37. Detects duplicate files, directories, or other files in any file(s) or directories in the specified folder.

    A duplicate is a file that has the same name as an existing file. For a directory, it is one where a sub-directory is listed in the directory table more than once.

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    There is no error checking to ensure that the selected file(s) are indeed
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  38. Comsignal, Inc. is a medical imaging technology company, that used MRIs to help diagnosing and mapping of blood flow and chemistry’s in Crohn’s disease patients…read more.

    Last edited by News24; August 15, 2013 at 03:42 PM.
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    (Reuters) – Nortel Networks Corp filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, imperiling some 16,000 jobs that may be lost as the Canadian
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    I have an Android app which runs within an activity that has a menu bar and this menu bar contains tabs. When an option within a tab is selected, another tab is presented. Within the new tab is another menu; menu items for the new tab appear within this menu.
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