Our mission is to optimize cooperation and communication across countries by developing both employees and leaders cultural competencies and thereby ensuring corporate global success.


Our vision is to reduce the distance between Scandinavian business and the rest of the world by increasing cultural understanding and developing cultural competencies.

Our Story

Founded in 2013, ConnectingCultures is a consultancy firm specialized in optimizing communication and collaborations across cultures. Through consulting and training, ConnectingCultures enables organizations and employees to build and implement a global skill-set. ConnectingCultures is founded and headed by CEO & Principal Consultant, Signe Ørom and includes another 21 country- and culture specialists.

Our Story

After completion of her Ph.D. degree in culture and language, Signe Ørom decided to pursue a career outside the academic world and become a self-employed business owner. Driven by personal interest and an increasing need for guidance on business culture in the BRIC country Brazil, Signe Ørom established Brasilienkonsulenten (Brazil-Consultancy) back in 2011.

It soon became clear to Signe Ørom, that the clients’ needs for cross-cultural training went beyond the Brazilian focus of the consultancy firm. Knowing this, Signe Ørom decided to establish a new business to accommodate the needs of her clients. Signe Ørom founded the consultancy firm ConnectingCultures in 2013 and since its establishment she has delivered trainings in more than 20 countries.

In ConnectingCultures, we value research-based knowledge, which is why Signe Ørom is associated with the University of Copenhagen, as a senior researcher. Staying connected to the academic world enables Signe and ConnectingCultures to offer cultural training that not only delivers research-based knowledge, but also ensures that the most recent global competencies are implemented in the cross-cultural work of our clients.

Signe Ørom CEO og Principal Consultant
Signe Ørom CEO og Principal Consultant

Signe has a Ph.D. in Culture and Language and is the owner and founder of ConnectingCultures. Signe has extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge of cultural encounters, and she can help you to optimize your intercultural collaborations and enhance your cultural skills.

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Meet Signe Ørom’s team of country specialists and cultural experts at ConnectingCultures:
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Signe Ørom
”Signe trained me for a full day in South American business culture. She is very knowledgeable and customer oriented – she easily found out what to focus on to fit my specific needs. Signe is a warm and outgoing person and very pleasant to work with. I enjoyed the training tremendously and can highly recommend her!”.
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Natalie Ammerlaan
Regional manager, Legal & Quality, Novo Nordisk
”Thanks for a very well prepared and executed cultural training program for the entire audit group. We have enjoyed and learned a lot from you and your very competent co-trainers, who came with local knowledge and interesting stories from all over the world”.
referencer connecting cultures
Torben Enstrøm
Corporate Vice President at Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals
”Jeg kan varmt anbefale et tværkulturelt forløb med Signe. Hendes baggrund med en kombination af forskning og praktisk viden til den brasilianske kultur/marked har givet os nogle konkrete værktøjer, vi dagligt bruger.”.
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Edvard Jensen
Global Manger CO Operations, Underwriters Laboratories


Build your cultural skills with Signe Ørom or one of ConnectingCultures many other specialists.
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