Living and working/studying in Denmark

International students in Denmark often experience the Danish education tradition as different than their own. A training in Living and studying/working in Denmark gives insigt in Danish culture and education tradition and prepare international students to work in Denmark. Research shows how the number of international students in Denmark has increased during the last couple of years, however,  a great number of these students leave Denmark after completing their education. Knowledge about Danish culture and education tradition ensures better adjustment to Denmark. A training in Living and studying/working in Denmark gives tools and knowledge to be successful in a new cultural context. The session gives thorough insight in Danish culture, everyday life and Danish education and business culture, and help the students/new employees to commit themselves to a Danish context in a culturally intelligent way.


  • You wish to give your international students or employees the best qualifications to stay in Denmark.
  • You want to prepare your students/employees to go to Denmark


Specific knowledge about

  • The roots of Danish culture and how history, community, welfare and religion has shaped the Danes way of acting
  • Danish mind-set and values
  • Danish education tradition and how it differs on a global level

Competencies to

  • Understand and act culturally intelligent in a Danish context
  • Understand the factors that have shaped the Danes


We can advise you on the form that is most relevant to you. Read more here.


At the training, you can opt to make individual culture profiles using the tool called GlobeSmart. Through GlobeSmart the international students can compare their individual profiles to the countries in question. This allows each student to map which cultural differences he or she should be aware of. We are also certified in a number of other personality tests, team and cultural tools, which you can choose to integrate in your training.  See more here.

"I had the pleasure to be guided through Danish culture by Signe in a clear and concise way and with a personal touch made the day both interesting and rewarding where upon conclusion I walked away with a greater understanding of the environment in which I would be working going forward. I can highly recommend working with Signe.”
Sophie de Goede
Commercial Specialist, Hess Denmark

We always focus on your specific needs and put together a program that is based on your reality and industry. Before the training, you will therefore receive a questionnaire so that from your answers, we can clarify your needs and challenges. We tailor your workshop, course or lecture based on the knowledge from the questionnaires and dialogues with you.