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How to achieve the diversity bonus

Cognitive diversity

Diversity and inclusion training
Cognitive diversity and unconscious bias

Collaboration in diverse teams reveals differences in expectations, working methods, ways of thinking etc., which can complicate the collaboration. But working in diverse groups also has great potential. Studies show that diverse teams have the potential to perform and innovate about 30% better than non-diverse teams.

Diversity in groups can, in other words, both be an obstacle and a competitive advantage for your organization or team.

It takes more than just setting a diverse group – it takes an inclusive mindset and inclusive leadership to achieve the DIVERSITY BONUS in the workplace, where you truly benefit from the cognitive diversity of your team members and the range of perspectives, creativity and innovation this offers.

In our Diversity and Inclusion workshop, you will gain new evidence-based knowledge about how diversity factors such as cultural background, gender, personality, professional background, age & more may add value to your team but also how diversity forms team member’s preferences

We challenge your unconscious bias and support your journey from unconscious bias to consciously inclusive leadership/behaviour.

We will discuss how unconscious bias affects and shapes your behaviour and communication. To challenge your unconscious bias and implement new inclusive working methods is not a quick-fix, but during the workshop you will end up with strategies on how to work with an inclusive mindset and attention to your own biases. We will work on both personal strategies and on how to implement an inclusive culture in your team or organization.

The workshops on D&I, Cognitive diversity, Unconscious bias are interactive with exercises and reflections to assure that the new knowledge transfers into competences and inclusive behaviour.v

During the workshop, we will work with the following topics: 

  • Understanding how diversity factors can improve ‘cognitive diversity’
    • Culture (national, organizational)
    • Gender
    • Personality types
    • Age
    • Professional background
    • and many more
  • Challenging your unconscious bias
  • What is an inclusive mindset, and what does it take to develop it?
  • Achieving the diversity bonus:
    • Hands-on strategies to work effectively across these differences and how to benefit from the cognitive diversity in the group
  • From theory to practice:
    • Diversity teams: Playing it out in simulated real life situations 
  • Building personal – and team strategies on how to acheive the diversity bonus and how to develop a more inclusive mindset


  • Your team has members with different backgrounds 
  • You are a manager who wants to focus on diversity and unconscious bias within your team/organization


Specific knowledge about

  • How to achieve the diversity bonus in your team
  • The tools and competencies to become a more inclusive leader/colleague
  • How to train an inclusive mindset and/or leadership style

Competencies in

  • Creating a more inclusive team
  • Being mindful about your own inconscious biases
  • Motivating your team, focusing on the inclusion and belonging of all team members
  • Giving appropriate feedback
  • Achieving the competitive advantage of your diverse team


We are happy to advise on which form of training is most relevant to you regarding diversity and unconscious bias. Read more here.

”Our session with Signe Ørom was a refreshing wake up call, giving a view of the perceived, misunderstood as well as more scientifically founded difference between us all. I´m sure it will help us in working even better together”

We always focus on your specific needs and put together a program that is based on your reality and industry. Before the training, you will therefore receive a questionnaire so that from your answers, we can clarify your needs and challenges. We tailor your workshop, course or lecture based on the knowledge from the questionnaires and dialogues with you.