Personality tests, culture and team tools that support cultural training

Our workshops and cultural training may be combined with profile tools, personality test or tests focusing on cultural preferences. They can be integrated into most of our courses and workshops, but are particularly good for our country-specific workshops and global mindset workshops, as well as all our workshops focusing on multicultural or virtual teams. They are also effective in our one-to-one coaching sessions, where they can help focus on what the manager of a multicultural team should be aware of.

The tools can be used to zoom in on the team’s composition and preferences of the team or to assess each employee’s strengths and challenges in the intercultural context.

By integrating profiling tools, we ensure that you both get knowledge about the general trends in the country or countries you work with, while you also become wiser about the team’s composition with regards to cultural and personal preferences.

Our trainers are certified in the following tools:


An online profile test that indicates your personal working preferences in relation to the 5 cultural dimensions that measure the hierarchy, individualism, risk-taking, communication and relationship. You can compare your personal profile with the general trends in 92 countries, your team as a whole and each team member and then make eventual strategies. See more here: (PDF)

The DiversityDiagnostics (DiDi)

The DiversityDiagnostics (DiDi) tool offers our partners and clients a solid, data-based foundation for their diversity initiatives and allows you to base your efforts on data pertaining to their unique group of employees. The tool consists of a series of quantitative and qualitative questions and inquiries developed specifically by ConnectingCultures’ Diversity & Inclusion consultants to identify and target tensions and perceptions related to diversity, inclusion and employee well-being.

Read more here. 

Globesmart Teaming Assesment®

An online test, in addition to accommodating Globesmart’s tools, further zooms in to the team and indicates the team’s strengths and weaknesses and which areas the team can benefit from focusing on improving. See more here: (PDF)

Cultural Intelligence Center’s CQ® Assessment

An online test that indicates your preference for working compared to 13 cultural dimensions. You can compare your personal profile with research-based knowledge about general trends in 98 countries. At the same time the test can measure and give an idea of how strong your global mindset is relative to the 4 factors: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, Action CQ and CQ Strategy.

Myers-Briggs Type Indikator® (MBTI®) / Jungiansk Type Indeks (JTI)

Personality tests which are intended to raise awareness of one’s own behaviour and others’. Theymmeasure on the same four dimensions, extrovert or introvert; sensory based or intuitive; thought based or feeling based; judgmental or perceptive. We can combine cultural dimensions with the more personality-oriented dimensions and thus open up to understanding each other. We especially use the tool for one-to-one coaching sessions and team development.

Belbin® Test

An online test that measures the individual’s contribution to the team and the team’s overall resource profile. We use the test in workshops for multicultural teams where it can add a more personal angle to the cultural differences the team has.